Sensoria is state-of-the-heart sound recording studio where we pay great care about music and artists synergy.  The drive force behind people is far more important than anything else. Our most successful recording sessions are one without pre-described targets. Studio is a magic box for sucking sound imprints floating around. The sincerity of the musicians participating in a production is critical link to genuine and authentic catch.
If artists are lucky, happy coincidences will channelize and become part of life.
We like to participate in creative music making that matters without shelving it into mainstream boxes.


Sensoria has 20m2 control room that is variation of “Non-Environment“ design by Newell and 30m2 studio stone room.

Great looking and sounding space is of topmost importance for a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

Popular games here are music composing, arranging, recording, MIDI programming and sequencing, sound design, sound postproduction and location recording as well as video filming and editing.

Please contact us for more information – we are always on quest of finding interesting projects that differ.